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Our company future pillars built with the vision as its name of creating strong pillars for the future of the next generations in different levels of their daily life. These pillars will make their life easier, healthier and happier. These pillars will include but not limited to technology, medical, health, food….etc.

The story behind our brand Pluto as the food pillar comes from a piercing vision of the owner of making popular food meals, clean, healthy, and tasty though affordable for every one with the highest technology possible.

The name Pluto was chosen to show the resemblances between our food and Pluto which is a mysterious and unique planet; our food is unique with mysterious great taste.

Our mission, to deliver the best clean and tasty food with friendly environment, reaches full customer satisfaction and help community with great social responsibility.

We hope to open branches every where in the universe, to make it easy for every one to enjoy our food.

Our branches

  • Sulimaniyah


  • Al Badi'ah


  • Al Sahafah


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